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At the chiropractic doctor of Wyoming, we offer a variety of Chiropractic and health related treatments to help our patients live their best life!

Chiropractic Care

That Heals

Chiropractic care does more than just make your back feel better.  It is a form of medicine that utilizes the body to heal itself without the need for drugs or surgery.  can have a profound effect on the overall health and well being of the body.  When your spine and body are misaligned, it can result in a malfunction of the nervous system.  Over time these misalignments play a significant toll on the body and if not fixed can result in symptoms that grow into serious conditions in the future.

Your health is my concern.

Michael Halliday, DC
wyoming chiropractic doctor

Successful Treatments

Medical Massage

Our medical massages target specific problems that patients are experiencing.  Our goal is to help relieve pain and improve the overall well being of the patient.

I cannot recommend the massage therapists enough.  They always do an amazing job at an affordable price!


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Other Services

Spinal Adjustments

Are you having daily back trouble? We offer services that can help to remove your back pain.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Are your children having issues with pain or fatigue? We can help make them feel better!

Pregnancy Chiropractic

If you are experiencing back pain or fatigue due to pregnancy, we can help fix the issue!

Headache Relief

Do you suffer from chronic headaches? We have treatment methods that are proven to reduce headache pain.